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Jan 04, 2012

TMSTAT over period?

is it possible to capture a tmstat of the cpu and memory utilisation on an F5 ltm over a eriod of say 24 hours?




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    Do you specifically want to use tmstat? or would an external SNMP polling arrangemwnt with something like cacti be more suitable?



  • We would prefer to capture the output of "tmstat compress" over a eroid i.e. logging it to a file but also haveing someway of stopping it too
  • there is request for enhancement to add -n and -b options for tmstat cpu. not sure if it will be also available for compress and summary. you may open a support ticket to check. anyway, tmstat is not intended to use by user, so i think it might be good if you can use another source such as snmp which Hamish mentioned.



    ID350633 - tmstat cpu can be enhanced to support -n and -b options