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Sep 08, 2011

tmsh v11 folders?

Hi Everyone,



I have a rather silly question, that I cant seem to find the answer to. I'm working with V11 in the lab, and I've created a folder that I'd like to place a vip, pool and a few other objects into. I cannot for the life of me actually figure out to place the vip via tmsh into the folder. The docs I've ran across say to put vips, etc into the folder via tmsh, but lack the syntax.



Any one have any ideas?





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  • Hi Colt,



    I don't think we're really pushing folders yet in 11.0. But here are steps you can use to create a folder and assign a VS to that folder:



    tmsh create /sys folder my_folder


    tmsh create /ltm virtual my_folder/folder_vs destination ...



  • Hi Aaron,



    Thanks for the info, I hope they get it in soon, I can just imagion the calls from clients now :)



    Do you know by chance is associating the vips to a traffic group similar? It is the only other v11'ism I've been unable to track down fully im tmsh.



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    You can also use the cd command





    (tmos) create sys folder abc


    (tmos) cd abc


    (tmos) create ltm virtual ... (the vip is in the abc folder)



    The current folder that you are in will be displayed in the prompt (see "tmsh help cli preference").
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    Oh, and once you go into the folder via cd, if you do things like "list ltm virtual" you will only see virtuals in that folder. See also the recursive option to the list command.