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Feb 09, 2023

Throughput graph over 30 days old

I have a qkview of an f5 viprion that has been active for over 100 days - but in ihealth it says the earliest I can see the throughput (bits) graph is 30 days. 

Any way to get older historical data from the qkview or in the gui/cli ?


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  • I don't believe its possible to get a time-graph older than 30 days. You would need to rely on external monitoring platforms using SNMP for that. The other stats counters would have data since the system booted up, but that may not be all that helpful if you're trying to estimate old usage.

  • not by default, and not after the fact, but if this is something you want to do going forward, JoshBecigneul has the best advice to use an external platform to pull these stats and store long term. You could modify the rrdtool files on each BIG-IP to do this as well, or add more that you could then query remotely, but these changes are likely not supported and would not survive a patch/upgrade, so you'd need a process to maintain it which adds a lot of complexity and opportunity for failure to system lifecycles.