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May 31, 2022

The F5 administrator is unable to view the specific interface.

An administrator cannot see the statistics on interface 1.2
The F5 AWAF interface 1.2 is connected with the switch port 3/2/1. What can be the reason behind such an issue?

  • The switch port 3/2/1 UP
  • The switch port 3/2/1 DOWN
  • Interface 1.2 is disabled.

As per my understanding, if the switch port is down then the administrator should at least view the statistics as the value 0 on the statistics page of the F5 interface. However, if interface 2.1 is disabled on F5 then the administrator cannot see the statistics of interface 2.1 which could be the reason.

I'm not sure about this scenario so, someone can help me to select the correct option for this question.

Thank You.