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Jul 23, 2019

The elements of a portal access URL access session fail to display correctly

Hi all,

I've APM with Access Profile and Portal Access resources.

In my SAP Netweaver portal access the site fails to display correctly. It uses port 50000.

I've access to the site and can navigate, but icons do not show and it's not properly formatted. So the site does not render correctly.

Other Portal Access sites display correctly.

What can this be?

Rewrite issue?

DNS lookup issue?



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  • Hi


    The cause can be multiple, but in order to start troubleshooting, you would need to access your SAP through the F5 APM portal while enabling debug features of your browser (F12). Monitor the network flows, and this should start giving you indications of where things go wrong.


    For example it could be URI embeded in javascript code. Issue I had not so long ago.





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      HI Yoann,

      Thanks for answering.

      I've found the issue which was related to Portal Access Rewrite Profile.

      Still do not know why because I've bypassed the URL or deleted but that Profile was not well accepted by SAP, so I've used another and it works... (weird)


      Kind regards,


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        Hi NS,


        What did you change to make this work?


        Kind regards