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May 28, 2020

The configuration has not yet loaded. If this message persists, it may indicate a configuration problem

Am having one F5 ig IP LTM setup which was working fine untill I tried to upgrade it to version Im still able to login into the management console but its showing this error "This BIG-IP system has encountered a configuration problem that may prevent the Configuration utility from functioning properly".


After I login into the webgui Im not able to change system settings like enable CLI "root" because an error message occurs "an error has occurred while trying to process your request".


Can someone please help me, can I still reset the BIG-IP in a different way besides the use of the CLI cmd?

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  • Do you mean you're not able to login into cli?

    When i was upgrading to, i had faced similar issue. At that time first i checked all daemons status, all were up. Then just loaded config using "load sys config" and then i was able to see all configuration under WebUI. Mostly cli will give you clarity about the errors/issue. If root login is not working, you can try login using admin id which is being used for webui login.


  • I had the same issue while I was performing upgrade, easy way to find the problem is to run load sys config verify or load sys config verify all partitions if you have more than one partition. It will show the issue, in my case it was some analytical profiles issue.

  • The big issue is that the CLI is disabled by default, and the BIG-IP wont let me enable it via the GUI due to the error message.