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Feb 23, 2011

table add -subtable <sometable> <somekey> <somevalue> 1140 43200 - timeout not working




I have an iRule that counts active user sessions. It uses the new "table add" command. The production environment is an active/passive setup. In the other environments its just containing of a single box.




The command used is:


table add -subtable $sub-tableName $client_id $sessionValue 1140 43200




In the production environment the table entries added by the command is not disappearing after the timeout value. This works in the other environments. Can anyone explain this behaviour? Is there som special setting for the table command to behave correctly in an active/passive setup?





Kind regards






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  • Hi Helge,



    Do you have the HA configured correctly? See SOL12370 for details on why this is necessary:




    sol12370: Memory usage on an active unit may significantly increase when mirroring is enabled and the standby unit is offline




    Note: Since the iRule session command utilizes the persistence table, the information in this Solution also applies to iRules that use the session command.




  • Hi Aron,



    Thanks for the quick reply. I will look into that.




    Kind regards




  • Hi Aron, Are you aware of any bigpipe cmmands to delete all subtable entries or session state? Or do i need to do it in the rule init? Kind regards Helge
  • I think you either need to restart TMM (which will kill all active connections until TMM comes back up / the unit fails over) or manually remove them in an iRule event other than RULE_INIT. You can use 'table delete -subtable $tname -all' to do this. Note that the iRule which deletes the subtable entries does not need to be the same one that set them or on the same virtual server.