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Dec 21, 2022

System calling home to

I'm being asked to identify why a Linux system is making queries to  There are a number of ansible playbooks hosted on the system.  But I find no documentation indicating they call home.  Is this a known issue with Ansible bigIp collections?   

Just trying to identify /validate/ disable this call home feature in our environment.

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  • Hey PaulH316 - it looks like nobody has come by to answer this yet, so I've passed it on to a colleague for some help. Sorry on the delay!

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      Ok PaulH316, I got the answer from MichaelOLeary on is a call home feature for telemetry and can be disabled by setting no_f5_teem to yes in the ansible modules you are using, or by setting the F5_TELEMETRY_OFF environment variable.

      I'll ask the Ansible team to document this call home feature more clearly along with the URL it uses, and also ask for an update to the knowledge article to include CIS/Ansible in the listing for

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        So I can add no_f5_teem=yes in the provider section of the playbook or 'export F5_TELEMTRY_OFF'.

        Sounds like a plan.