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Jul 14, 2011

syslog with TLS/SSL



is there any possibility to encrypt syslog messages to a remote syslog server?




Ciao Stefan :)


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    There is a section in the 10.x TMOS Management Guide for setting up encrypted logging:





    I have not tested this. Hope this helps.
  • Hi Mike,


    thank you for the link, although it doesn't seem to be that easy. But maybe I will give it a try anyway.


    In the meanwhile I had the idea to point the remote syslog server to a virtual server, which then has a serverside SSL profile assigned and the real syslog server in its pool.


    Can anybody confirm if this is theoretical possible?



    Ciao Stefan :)


  • Hi Stefan,



    The syslog based config might not be easy--but it might be worth the effort.



    Using a virtual server might be possible--but I think it could result in any messages generated before TMM starts being lost. Also, you'd need your syslog server to support SSL. I'm not sure most do.