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Sep 29, 2010

Syslog severity not filtered

I just configured our LTM (running 9.4.6) to send syslogs to a remote server. At this point, I don't need very granular settings, so I just used bigpipe syslog remote server . I noticed that I'm getting a lot of syslogs at the information severity level. Most of them referencing "logger" or "crond". Based on the default severity settings, I wouldn't think I would be sending information level logs. Is there something else at play here?



[root@device:Active] config b syslog list all


syslog {


partition Common


authpriv from notice


authpriv to emerg


cron from warning


cron to emerg


daemon from notice


daemon to emerg


include none


kern from notice


kern to emerg


local ip none


mail from notice


mail to emerg


messages from notice


messages to warning


remote port 514


remote server


userlog from notice


userlog to emerg




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    If you'd like to filter the log levels more granularly, there is an article for custom syslog configurations here on DevCentral:



    It is slightly dated, but should work fine for 9.4.6. Hope this helps,