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Jul 19, 2019

Swivel Turing Image not showing in APM VS #1 logon but showing in APM VS #2 logon


I've configured BIG-IP VE 14.1 APM Virtual Servers for Turing Image as per Swivel KB:


We used option 2 in that document to embed turing image in the APM logon page, and also created a VS for Swivel turing pool for port 8080 which then F5 will contact Swivel VIP.


The Swivel Turing Image shows fine for a VS #2 APM logon page BUT it does not show in a VS #1 logon page.


Both VS are configured almost identical, just minor changes in VS config like SSLclient profile, SSLserver profile and rewrite profiles, but even we if match both configurations, VS #1 still does not work. They are also using different profiles, VS #1 has a Full Webtop Profile and VS #2 has a Portal Access Profile.


However if I use Fiddler in the middle and use HTTPS decrypt they both work,..


So it's not a miss-config thing or else it won't work at all, but something related to SSL, certificate, etc... They both have certificates configured for each FQDN done at the same time, etc etc...


Note: If I point APM logon page to another Swivel URL location (outside F5) they both work without any Fiddle in the middle.


This is not yet in authentication, just for displaying the Swivel Turing Image!


What can this be?




Kind regards,



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  • Like you said it seems to be related to SSL and certificates. This should indeed explain why it works when using fiddler. Did you try different browsers? In my experience Chrome with use of Developer Mode should give some more details why it’s unwilling to render the image. Check the console tab.

  • Hi Niels,


    The most strange thing is that in some machines it works in other browsers like Chrome or Firefox but using IE it does not. But one VS which is configured almost the same, works all the time in IE...

    In dev options, console tab I can see these warnings:

    DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching. For more information, see:


    HTML1300: Navigation occurred.


    HTML1524: Invalid HTML5 DOCTYPE. Consider using the interoperable form "<!DOCTYPE html>".

    my.policy (1,1)

    DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching. For more information, see:


    [Mon, 22 Jul 2019 09:33:34 GMT] Cancelling:eps

    HTML1514: Extra "<body>" tag found. Only one "<body>" tag should exist per document.

    my.policy (585,1)


    But these warnings show the same in the working VS...

    So I'm confused why this works in some machines and browsers ...

    I need it to run on IE because of Session Control & Cache cleanup..


    Any clue?