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Feb 22, 2011

Subnet configuration for Snat Pool/Snat




I need to configure an Snat Pool and Snat to translate a whole subnet including the network address and broadcast address the external networks are and, the internal network is, the translations always correspond to the last octect, ex: --> -->



On the Snat Pool configuration the member list do not accept subnets, only hosts, but when I'll configure the Snat I can specify a network.



If I create a Snat Pool with all the hosts in this subnet and then create a Snat with the addres list for the whole, will the translation work for all ips according to the last octect? or I'll have to configure one by one?





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  • Hi Felipe,

    You'd need to use an iRule for this. You could basically check in CLIENT_ACCEPTED to see if the client IP (IP::client_addr) is in a datagroup of source IP address/networks to SNAT. You could then apply the SNAT using logic like this:

        Check if client IP is in address datagroup of allowed source addresses
       if { [class match [IP::client_addr] equals allowed_snat_clients_class] }{
           Take the last octet of the client IP and use that for the SNAT address
          snat "172.23.180.[getfield [IP::client_addr] . 4]"

    Note that you don't need to define any SNAT object to use this iRule.

  • Hi hoolio,



    Good to know there is a way to do it, I'll have to study iRules a little bit, as I don't have time this occasion, I'll configure one by one.



    Thankyou very much.