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Dec 07, 2023

Subdomain Delegation using Windows DNS needs to go to different set of GTMs based on WideIPs

We implemented subdomain delegation based on this link and it worked as expected.  We were keeping external DNS associated with our external GTMs and internal DNS with our internal from an architectural perspective.   

Now, we have come accross a situation where we possibly need to have our internal DNS requests to WideIPs configured on our external GTMs and our subdomain in Windows DNS only points to the listeners - NS Records - of our internal GTMs. 

So, trying to see if there is a methodology in Windows DNS to configure certain WideIPs request to go to our external GTMs listeners for the same subdomain?  Can I create a more specifc record in the Windows DNS hierarchy to the external listeners?  

I want to just add the External GTMs listeners as NS records in the subdomain just like the internal GTM listeners that already exist but I am not sure how the GTMs would handle requests for WideIPs it does not have configured as now internal and external requests could go to both set of GTMs.  Maybe there is some function of the unhandled query optioin in the DNS Profile I can use here?   

I think ultimatly...I will just add the external LTMs to the internal GTMs and create the necessary Wide IPs.  But, that seems to less secure than I want and I have to do twice the admin overhead when I have an external WideIP to configure on both sets of GTMs - internal and external.  So just trying to see if Windows can do anything for me.  

For visalization : 

Client requests from LDNS - Windows DNS.

Windows DNS has a CNAME associated with host subdomain has NS records of internal GTM listners.  

Internal GTM gets queried for which is configured as WideIP and returns Virutal Server IP based on configuration.  


Now...I have the situation :  Client requests from LDNS - Windows DNS.

Windows DNS has a CNAME associated with host subdomain has NS records of internal GTM listners.  

But, is not configured on Internal GTMs so it just allows, rejects, hints or no errors the traffic based on the dns profile configuration.

So, i want to see if Windows can be configured to do anything to send the request for to our external listeners.  

Thank you for your time.  

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