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May 12, 2011

STP revisited

Hi all,



I know there has been some discussion in the forum on the topic of redundant config options with a pair of failover ltm's, however I have not seen any authoritative answer on the topic.



Is there any in-depth tech doc / whitepaper by f5 folks on the f5's implementation of the STP options available in the ltm config?



What are the recommended practices when deploying ltms in a highly available environment?



As a typical scenario - pair of two trunked 6500's and a pair of redundant ltm's - what are the implications of connecting each of the ltm's to each of the 6500's over the one-to-one scenario?




The way I see it, having a dual-homed linking on each of the F5's should give you the ability to do some intelligent vlan distribution over each of the trunked uplinks, such as having odd-numbered vlans taking a different trunk than even-numbered vlans.



Having a dual-homed config, which stp option should be enabled on the ltms?









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  • Hi Igor,

  does have a solution article Granted it's not a best practice guide but does provide some information about controlling STP and where to control it. There is even greater details found on the following link Which is part of the TMOS Management Guide.



    I hope this helps.