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    Kind of sparse on the info there for your issue..


    If there is no persistence profile, then attach a suitable persistence profile...


  • "Cookie" selected as your persistence profile is a "sticky cookie"


    If your application requires a client to connect to the same server again and again then you need persistence.


    For example if your app has a "shopping cart" for clients to add items to.


    If you are hosting a static HTTP site, and you want perfect standard load balancing, you do not need persistence.


    Hope that helps! If it does please up-vote and select this answer, it'd be greatly appreciated!




  • This enables the application to find the session on the server even after the connection from which the session was created is closed. Through this exchange of session IDs, state is maintained even for a stateless protocol like HTTP. But what happens when the use of a web application outgrows the capability of a single web or application server prepaidgiftbalance?