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Feb 01, 2014

Static Routing between Child / Parent Route Domains

I'm trying to figure out if this is possible. The design is that we have multiple Child route domains configured for different customers, each with a single default route pointing back out to a different router / gateway. Each customer also needs to access to shared servers that are configured within the Parent route domain, while restricting routing between customers. This sounds do-able using strict isolation, so Child route-domains can only route to the Parent RD, but not between each other. The documentation I've read states that if there is no route found in the Child RD that it can look at the Parent RD routing table. But the problem I have is that every Child RD has a default route, so technically it will always have a route and not have to look at the Parent RD.


So the question is, can I configure a static route in each Child RD pointing to the server Vlan in the Parent RD? And if that is possible, what about the return traffic from Parent back to Child? Would auto-last-hop take care of that?


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  • My guess is that by having something in the parent domain, when a node using the F5 as a gateway tries to access something directly attached to the F5 in that parent domain, the F5 will swing the traffic to that VLAN/interface. The route on the F5 ( child/parent ) won't come into play since the traffic is allowed to flow freely.


    If that doesn't work, you should be able to add a route in each child domain to a default gateway in the shared parent domain.


    I'm curious as to how this works. My gut says the first way.