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May 06, 2021

Standalone BIG-IQ Upgrade Question

Hi,   Since it is my first time working with this product and first time doing an upgrade, I thought I would ask support for some simple direction.   All articles and videos I have been dir...
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    May 06, 2021



    First things first; what version are you upgrading from/to? Seen that v8.0 has just come out, I expect you'll be upgrading from v7.x to v8.0, but please correct me if I'm wrong.


    To your questions;

    >> Am I choosing regular upgrade or rolling upgrade?

    Doesn't matter, as you only have 1 DCD and 1 CM. I think it doesn't even allow you to do a rolling upgrade due to insufficient DCD's.


    >> CM first or DCD first?

    DCD first, but the install procedure will take care of that. 


    >> Does kicking off on CM also upgrade DCD?



    >> Do I have to upload the same image on both CM and DCD before starting the upgrade?

    Nope, the CM copies it across and install it. In some cases I've noticed that it doesn't actually start the upgrade after the copy. If that were the case, you can log in to the DCD CLI and manually start the upgrade process the same way as you would on a BigIP (tmsh install sys software image BIG-IQ- create-volume HD1.2 - or similar)


    If you are unfamiliar with the systems or software, it's always a good idea to build/have a test system on which you can do a test upgrade first, to get experience with the process and steps involved. Assuming you are working on a virtual BigIQ appliance, it's also a good idea to take VM snapshots (and backups of course) - if things go horribly wrong, you can always rollback to those.


    Lastly, regarding the documentation you are referring to, I believe the main reason why they talk about clustered/multi-DCD scenarios, is because that is the most complex (but common) scenario you may come across. If, as in your case, you only have single devices, then just follow the procedure once, rather than multiple times, making the guide easier ;)


    Hope this helps.