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Apr 06, 2011

SSL::profile errors




I need help with this iRule... In some VS, when /images* is invoked, we need to redirect the traffic to another pool and change from HTTP to HTTPS in the backend.




For this purpose I've created this iRule:






set sp [LB::server pool]


log local0. "Server pool: $sp"


if { [IP::addr [LB::server addr] equals ]} {


SSL::profile sslmyappimages


SSL::enable serverside


log local0. " Asignando nuevo perfil para pool de"








log local0. " No se asigno nuevo perfil para pool de"









It doesn't work, and the logs in /var/logs/ltm goes like this:




Apr 6 13:04:00 local/tmm1 err tmm1[5535]: 01220001:3: TCL error: imagesirule - wrong args: should be "SSL::profile " while executing "SSL::profile sslmyappimages"




I don't have a clue why is that happening, I also tried without SSL::enable serverside, and I think I'm following this syntax


I've been careful with spaces... simply don't understand...






Thank you!!


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