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Jun 14, 2011

SSL Persistence: Which pool memeber am I connected to?

We are currently using HTTP cookie insert persistence with a 30 minute time-out which is the same as our time-out. My issue is that we have an application that asks a user if they want to keep their session active after 25 minutes of inactivity. Clicking OK resets the timer in the asp session, but clicking OK does not reset the timer in the persistence cookie since nothing is returned to the client. I'm hoping SSL persistence might get around this but I'm not sure how to test.



Is there a way to tell which pool member I am persistently connected to using SSL persistence? I have a test VS pointing to a production pool of servers. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.





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  • Hi Dave,



    The client would need to make an HTTP request to have LTM set the cookie with a new expire date. But that should be happening when the user clicks a button in the web app. You can use a browser plugin like HttpFox for Firefox or Fiddler to check this. But I think a simpler solution might be to use a session cookie (timeout=0) to ensure clients are persisted to the same server over the course of their session.



    If you're using a persistence method which stores a record on LTM, you can use 'b persist' to view the records.



  • Aaron,



    Thanks for the info. We set the cookie to expire after so many minutes because once their ASP session has ended we don't necessarily want them connecting to the same pool member just because they haven't closed their browser so we can take a server out of rotation and more easily keep track of exsiting sessions to know when we can do maintenance. We want people to be able re-connect as long as their session is still open in IIS. The b persist is what I needed for testing.