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Oct 26, 2010

SSL Offloading - Custom iRule for Specific Subsites? (Wordpress)

We use our F5 Big IP for SSL offloading for our webserver, and life has been good with that. Works great.



We are starting to move to WordPress as our content management solution on our webserver and want to be able to offload the Wordpress Admin page for each site.



For those who don't know, with a wordpress install, each WordPress site has an admin page located at:



However, Wordpress has it's own funky redirects going on in the background, so even if I type manually I still end up with in my browser, thus causing the username and password to be sent as clear text as sub-site admins login.



Is there an iRULE that I can create that will force these back to https just for anything that as /wp-admin at the end of the address?



It's a Windows 2003 server running IIS 6.0. If we turn SSL on inside of IIS for Wordpress, it just does a loop when you try to access the wp-admin sites.

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  • I replied to your other post here with some ideas: