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Jan 18, 2017

SSL Intercept with F5 in L2 mode

I am looking for a deployment where I configure same VLAN to the ports my client and server are connected. I would like to intercept this traffic. Is this possible on F5.


The current scenario explained in the F5 doc is to have self-ips for server and client vlans and route the traffic to the F5 using these IPs.


Anyone is aware of deployment without these self-ips and having client and server in the same vlan?


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  • Sounds like you're looking for a one-IP (or one-armed) deployment. Check out this article here. You may find it useful. It is for BIG-IP v12.1 but the setup is fairly typical across releases. Other articles are available on AskF5 on the same topic but for earlier BIG-IP releases.