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Mar 02, 2016

SSL Intercept and clearing certificates

Hi,   In case of SSL Intercept LTM is creating on the fly certificates on the client side to decrypt traffic.   I can see in VS stats in SSL Forward Proxy for client profile position:   Cach...
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    Mar 02, 2016

    Displays and deletes SSL Forward Proxy cached certificates on the BIG-IP(r) system.
    Use the cached-certs component within the ltm.clientssl-proxy module to manage connections using the
    following syntax.
    show cached-certs
    virtual [name]
    clientssl-profile [name]
    delete cached-certs
    virtual [name]
    clientssl-profile [name]
    You can use the cached-certs component to display or delete SSL Forward Proxy cached certificates based
    on a specified clientssl profile.
    • virtual
    Specifies the name of the virtual server that you want to display or delete cached certificates from.
    • clientssl-profile
    Specifies the name of the clientssl profile that belongs to the virtual selected.
    See Also
    delete, show, tmsh