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Jul 16, 2012

SSL error - Domain Name converts to IP address

Hi All,



Im facing a pecular issue and would appreciate any inputs -



for a f5 device , ive uploaded the relevent certs/key. The login page of the device does not show a cert error. However once i login , the domain name changes t oIP address and there is a cert error displayed from then on. All the while im logged in , the URI includes an IP addresses.



Query - Why does the domain name typed in the URI on the login page , changes to the corresponding IP address ?



Note - Ive tried uploading the pkcs12 file as well , and the issue persists (although i know its not related , but fyi)





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  • Query - Why does the domain name typed in the URI on the login page , changes to the corresponding IP address ? isn't it coming from server (pool)?


    This standalone f5 device is the Enterprise Manager version 3.0.0. So i believe there is no server (pool) here. About a week back we were on 2.3.4 , and the SSL certs error was not being displayed. After the upgrade to EM 3.0.0 the ssl error pops up once logged in. Any ideas ? COuld this be a DNS issue ?




  • We just upgraded EM to 3.0 and for some now it shows all devices unreachable. The error message is getModuleInfo: iControl error: 'iControl::char*:SOAPException: 'Error writing to secure socket ''



    Has anyone had this issue?



  • I just ran into this issue after upgrading to 3.0HF1. What did you end up doing? Did you contact support (ticket or bug ID)? I had problems trying to roll back to 2.3 where the emstatsd database had a newer code version (3.0.3 not 2.3.0). Ended up working with support to recreate the DB to get everything running on 2.3 again.


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    We are also experiencing similar issues.


    {"getModuleInfo: iControl error: 'iControl::char*:SOAPException: 'Error writing to secure socket ''}


    We have checked and the EM can connect to the target devices no problem using the following:


    curl -k -u admin:admin -i https:///iControl/iControlPortal.cgi


    so something else makes the EM think it can't....


    We have logged a support call for this in the mean time - has anyone else have had some feedback or been able to figure out why EM 3.0 HF1 has this apparent bug?