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Oct 06, 2010

Source Routing with IP::local_addr

Hello Friends



I have the following scenario



Link Controller v 10.2



Router A: 190.144.x.x


Router B: 201.234.x.x



Pool A :


1 member: Router A


Pool B:


1 member: Router B



Snatpool: MySmtpSNAT



14 Members: 201.234.x.x








10 more to go....










What I'm trying to accomplish is to have internal subnet /24 get SNAT'ED to any of the 4 IP address on my snatpool



After the source address gets SNAT'ED I need to route the packet out the proper pool so if source address changed to any of the 200.74.x.x. or 190.144.x.x addresses use Pool A BUT if source address got changed to any of the 201.234.x.x. or 190.216.x.x addresses then use Pool B



I have written the following irule trying to accomplish what I just described




Can some one tell me if I'm going the right direction here? That would be very much appreciated!






If { [IP::client_addr] eq ""} {



snatpool MySmtpSnat



if {([IP::addr [serverside {IP::local_addr}] eq 201.234.x.x/28"] or ([ip::addr [serverside {IP::local_addr}] eq 190.216.x.x/28]))} {



pool Pool_B


log local0. " Client IP: [serverside {IP::local_addr}] - Hostname"



} elseif {([IP::addr [serverside {IP::local_addr}] eq "200.74.x.x/27"] or ([IP::addr [serverside {IP::local_adddr}] eq "190.44.x.x/27"]))}{






pool Pool_A


log local0. " Client IP: [serverside {IP::local_addr}] - Hostname"













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  • Thanks Stefan!



    The workflow will be



    1. SNAT the source ip address (


    2. Choose a Pool depending of the SNAT'ed ip address



    isn't the workflow dictated by the order the arguments appear in the irule? Because right after validating the CLIENT ip address I'm throwing the SNAT pool statement