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Dec 16, 2010

source based routing and NAT avoidance with link controller

Hi all,



Can the link controller do source based routing and avoid autoSNAT based on source IP address?



As we plan to allow LAN clients access to the internet via the wildcard forwarder, which will automatically SNAT and select an ISP link based on default GW load balancing. We do not want public IP firewall interfaces (such as IPSec endpoints) to be loadbalanced and SNATTED in the same fashion.



We would like to ensure that public address’ on the firewall are able to initiate connections through the load balancers without NAT via a single static ISP gateway. What we need is a source based routing mechanism which also decides which traffic to NAT.



Is this possible on the Link controller and how is the best way to do it?

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  • You can indeed do this with iRules.



    Here's the iRules forum:





    If you can post your exact scenario, one of us should be able to write something up.