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Jun 14, 2023

snmpd Restart Due to License Expiration?

Hello all,

Our F5s recently rebooted according to our SolarWinds, but after further investigation it seems what actually happened was a license expired and that caused snmpd to restart.

We were running trial licenses for Threat Campaigns and the day after those were last valid, snmpd restarted at 12:06am and 12:10am. Here are the log messages.


This is our test F5 and restarted in Feb, but we just now realized it was due to the license expiration:

Feb 21 00:08:51 warning snmpd[5295]: snmpd exits due to license change. Need to restart it.

Feb 21 00:08:52 err sflow_agent[6829]: unknown snmp version 193

Feb 21 00:08:53 emerg logger[5832]: Re-starting snmpd

Feb 21 00:09:07 err sflow_agent[6829]: unknown snmp version 193

Fun fact: we put in a case with F5 asking what happened because we had just went to new code, so we feared it was unstable. They responded saying there was no evidence of a reboot. Which is true, but they also didn't catch these messages, adding creedence to the fact they aren't aware of this.


And this is our production F5, hence the investigation and figuring out it was due to licenses/snmp:

[luke@blah:Active:Standalone] log # cat daemon.log

Jun  6 00:06:39 warning snmpd[11633]: snmpd exits due to license change. Need to restart it.

Jun  6 00:06:40 err sflow_agent[8541]: unknown snmp version 193

Jun  6 00:06:41 emerg logger[23502]: Re-starting snmpd

Jun  6 00:06:55 err sflow_agent[8541]: unknown snmp version 193


I put in a case for this one and the engineer said there is no internal documentation of this happening. Again these restarts happened the day the licenses for Threat Campaigns ended, so those were valid through Feb 20 on our test F5 and June 5 for production. I've also not been to find any evidence of this happening, be it on this forum or other sites. Has anyone seen anything of this sort, or know it to be expected?




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  • Hello,

    There is an article states that "Evaluation add-on keys/add-on module can be added to a Production base registration key. Please note though that while the system allows this, it may cause an issue on your production settings once the evaluation period ends."

    i think this is the root cause, you can check this with the F5 support and share the belwo link with them: