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Dec 02, 2010

SNMP Community String

How do you configure new SNMP string on BIG-IP version 10.1.0? Please help me in detail steps because i have looked on the GUI but was not able to find it. I would also like to change the snmp polling IP address, any help would be great.



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  • Hi Shah,



    You can configure the community string under System >> SNMP >> Agent. For polling address, do you mean a device that polls LTM? If so, you can configure that under SNMP Access. To set which IP address(es) LTM sends SNMP traps to, check under the Traps tab.



  • Hi Aaron,



    When i go to system and SNMP Agent it does not give an option to set up the string. Any reason I don't see the that option?



    I can see the section for SNMP traps, thanks for that.



    Thank you


  • Aaron,


    I have found the section where you add the string. Thank you very much for your help.