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Feb 10, 2011

SNAT Source IP X-Forwarded-For extraction for Sun One Webserver/Iplanet, IBM HTTP Server



There is documents to describe X-FORWARDED-FOR extraction in IIS which is pretty well documented.


For Apache and IBM HTTP its pretty straight forward as replacing the %h in the log directive in httpd.conf to %{X-Forwarded-For}i and will take care of the logs.



But I couldn't find any for Sun One Webserver/ Iplanet Web servers. Have anyone tried it with Sun One/Iplanet?



Was there a challenge with any other web servers or versions?





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  • Found the answer.,



    Magnus.conf iPlanet Default Flex Log Format:



    Init fn="flex-init" access="$accesslog" format.access=%Ses->client.ip% - %Req-


    >vars.auth-user% [%SYSDATE%] '%Req->reqpb.clf-request%' %Req->srvhdrs.clf-


    status% %Req->srvhdrs.content-length%



    Need to update it to:



    fn="flex-init" access="$accesslog" format.access=%Req->headers.x-forwarded-


    for% - %Req->vars.auth-user% [%SYSDATE%] '%Req->reqpb.clf-request%' %Req-


    >srvhdrs.clf-status% %Req->srvhdrs.content-length%