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Apr 13, 2011

SNAT Pools - Internal LTM Routing

Hi Everyone,



I am working with an usual design that I need some advice on.




We are deploying the LTM with an production internal and external vlans and UAT internal and external VLANs. The design is using route domains so the production vlans are on the default route domain, while the UAT vlans are on route domain %1.




1) On the internal UAT VLAN there is a self-ip address of




2) There is also a Default Gateway for the route domain %1 of




3) The design I am working with calls for a snat pool for use on the UAT VLANS, using through to




4) This snat pool is then assigned to the appropriate UAT Virtual Server so incoming client ip addresses are translated to a address in the above mentioned pool, for this example lets say




5) The design assumes that the F5 will route that connection (using the src address through the internal self-ip and forward the packet onto the gateway at and off to the servers.




6) The router at has a route for pointing to the address of the F5 so that when the server returns traffic to the address, it eventually arrives back at the self-ip address of the LTM




Does anyone see a reason why this would not work?




Kind Regards








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