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Dec 07, 2010

Smart way to convert a PoolMemberDefinitionSequenceSequence to a IPPortDefinitionSequenceSequence



I want to dump out (and eventually read in and set) the enabled state of each of my GTM pools pool members. Its easy to get a list of the pools and pool members, but the PoolMember.get_enabled_state requires input parameters of the pools (simple) and a Common.IPPortDefinitionSequenceSequence. I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to programmatically get an IPPortDefinitionSequenceSequnce to pass in.




I have a PoolMemberDefinition named poolmembers loaded as follows:




wideips = wipobj.get_list()


pools = poolobj.get_list()


poolmembers = poolobj.get_member(pools)





I want to get the enabled state of each of the poolmembers. I should be able to loop through the poolmembers object and strip out each poolmember address and port and save it to another object (which would then be of type IPPortDefinition), but is that the best way?








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