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Feb 17, 2017

Slitaz - Lightweight Linux based Web Server to run your F5 Big-IP Labs

while building my Big-IP home Lab on Vmware Workstation , tried many operating systems in order to create Webservers (ubuntu , windows 2012 ...) , however they were consuming high machine resources.


till i came a cross SliTaz GNU/Linux which is a lightweight, community-based Linux distribution suitable for home Labs, its OVF file size is 53 MB. and comes with built in Web server.


all you need to do is adjust the IP addressing as per your lab needs and update the local webserver home index.html available on the folder /var/www


could be downloaded from


Root Account Password: root


SSH account: vmware


SSH password: vmware



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  • If you have Partner Resource Access, you can download the LAMP from F5 downloads which will also have multiple servers including other useful stuff required for LAB.




    Mohammed Shiraz


    Ignore if you are already aware of it :)


  • @Shiraz,


    Can you share a link or a directory path to access those LAMP servers? F5's download page leaves a bit to be desired in terms of searchability and I am turning up nothing.




  • Hi Guys,


    Can you please share the link to download Slitaz - Lightweight Linux based Web Server for F5 lab