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Jan 22, 2012

Single IP for all MS Exchange2010 CAS roles

Hi everyone,


I was in a process of deploying LTM for MS Exchange 2010, I was going through one of the deployment guides for the same provided by F5. In the document they have mentioned that single virtual server is application only for outlook web app, outlook anywhere, Active sync and auto discovery. can any one answer what will be the situation if i want to use the same virtual server ip for pop3 and remaining services will that be applicable or the template will not allow me to do this and i have to keep the services other than this one separate??? any one out there has done this kindly provide your feed back n support.







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  • All those protocols mentioned(OWA, ActiveSync, Autodiscover, OutlookAnywhere) - use the same transport protocol/port(HTTP on port 443) - thus we are talking about same virtual. In F5 lingo, single Virtual Server is a combination of IP and port - so is a single virtual server, while is the Virtual IP. You can certainly accomodate all Exchange services on a single Virtual IP, but you will have to setup other Virtual Servers on the proper ports(IMAP, SMTP, etc.) to properly pass traffic.



    Hope this helps.