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Jan 18, 2012

sftp with source address persistence

hi guys,




just wanted to know more regarding sftp configuration.



i have just configured sftp VS on LTM running V9.x



type: performance layer 4


profile: FastL4





this works fine as it is but when i turn on persistence to source address persistence, i get connection reset by peer error when i tried to sftp.



Anyone know howcome the error appear when i turn on the persistence?



Thanks for any advise in advance :D



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  • Hi Henry,



    That's an odd one. Using source address persistence shouldn't trigger resets. If you enable source address persistence but disable all but one pool member, does it work? If that works, but it fails with more than one pool member enabled, can you try capturing a tcpdump of a failure to see which host is sending the reset? If you enable debug on the SFTP client and server do you see anything relevant?



  • let me try it out and see if i get the same problem.



    Cheers for the advise given :D