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Feb 14, 2023

Setup Master Key ERROR



I'm trying to use the REST proxy on the BIG-IQ system to request a BIG-IP device as follows:

# Parameters for the requests
headers = {
'X-F5-Auth-Token': f'{token}',
'Content-Type': 'application/json'

#Request to use the REST proxy on the BIG-IQ system
url_pro = "https://" + ip + "/mgmt/shared/resolver/device-groups/cm-bigip-allBigIpDevices/devices/4ad12733-95ea-47b0-a562-dd6ac6da5adc/rest-proxy/mgmt/tm/sys/file/ssl-cert/f5-ca-bundle.crt?options=-hidden&$select=cachePath"
response_pro = requests.get(url_pro, headers=headers, verify=False)
json_response_pro = response_pro.json()
print("\033[93m" + "Response to the request to use the REST proxy on the BIG-IQ system: ")
print("\033[93m" + json.dumps(json_response_pro, indent=2))

except requests.exceptions.RequestException as e:
raise SystemExit("\033[91m" + "The REST proxy on the BIG-IQ system is NOT working because... " + str(e)) 

Everything was working fine until I got this message:  "Unable to decrypt an item because the Master Key has not been configured on this system. Please setup the Master Key via the setup UI before proceeding." 

I don't know how to fix it, does anybody know? Why is this happening?


Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi dani_salvado I think this may be due to the master passphrase no longer matching. I found an instance where it was due to a corrupt upgrade. It was suggested to roll back and re-run the upgrade.

    Or, if a new install, you may need to consider backing up the config, reinstalling to a new partition and reloading the config.

    This is based off some support cases I saw so you might consider filing a ticket to determine your best course of action.