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Jul 09, 2024

setting update antivirus apm


How to check antivirus update version on apm, i want to makesurevthe setting if client have older antivirus should be automatically or no?



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      Thanks for information

      Is that mean antivirus base on epsec list ? for example client connect to apm and have older version and the client should upgrade version bevore access to apm ?

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        the opswat epsec is basically plugin that enables apm client app to read antivirus status.
        therefore, epsec cannot force the av autoupdate.

        if you are using enterprise av, usually the auto update is controlled by policy.
        i suggest you set it to everyday or less because av signature is updated daily nowadays.
        and allow clients to download the update from internet in addition to dowload from intranet av servers.

  • You can use above KB and below article - Endpoint inspection | BIG-IP Edge Client operations guide (


        # Placeholder for checking client's antivirus status
        # You would need to implement a way to get the client's antivirus status
        set antivirus_status [HTTP::header "X-Client-Antivirus-Status"]

        if { $antivirus_status eq "outdated" } {

    also you can try this in lab or sanbox.