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Dec 09, 2010

script to disable all pool members if minimum not met

I wrote this originally in perl using iControl and decided to re-write it via tmsh.



I used some stuff from the code share but modified it.



Small, simple, effective.





The basics to get this script installed are:



Type these:






cli script



edit min-member-pool.tcl



set noautoindent



set nosmartindent



Copy & paste in the contents of the script



Save and quit the editor



After it successfully accepts the script you can call it from the regular “advanced cli” (in other words “bash”) as:


tmsh run cli script min-member-pool.tcl |reset




I’ll need to write a wrapper that does some proper EAV functions and calls this script to do the actual evaluation and actions.


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  • Hi Russell,


    I tested your script on my BigIP with version 10.2.1 and found it cannot work.


    The up number or total number is always 0:


    dn: supl_inbound_pool_v4 total up/available: 0, total 0


    Seems below part is not working as expected:



    foreach obj [tmsh::get_status /ltm pool $pool_name detail] {


    if { [tmsh::get_type $obj] != "ltm pool-member" } {






    incr total


    if { [tmsh::get_field_value $obj pool-member.status.availability-state] == "available" &&


    [tmsh::get_field_value $obj pool-member.status.enabled-state] == "enabled" } {


    incr usable







    The reset function works fine.


    Could you please take a look?




  • Hi,



    can we have a final script which work,



    I have tested the script min-members-pool.tcl.txt , but not able to get the result