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Jul 05, 2024

SCP / WINSCP - problem copy - not allowed SCP error


It seems a recurring problem on the F5. But in 2 words, we cannot do a SCP without receive a message "relative addresses not allowed"... Of course we tried to make our SCP with a full path, but it doesn't work, anyway. So... From that, after research, I found multiple KB about it. For instance  : K000134769.


But I found them a little bit ambigous. All of them seems related on WinSCP, in particular. And yes, indeed, the destination correspond to a storage under Windows. 


So, here is my question : according your experiences, do you know if we could have the same problem if the distant storage is under Linux ? Or that problem appears only with a storage under Windows ? (We prefer to have a second opinion before to deploy an server Linux. To avoid to lost time). 


Thanks in advance!


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  • I have only had this issue with the WinSCP application specifically. I have had zero issues with using an SCP command from a linux box to and from and F5 and I haven't had an issue copy from F5 through CLI to a linux box or even a Windows box running SSH/SFTP server.

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      Ok... Good to know. One of our solutions we thought is to recreate a storage on a Linux, not on a Windows. Noted. That could fix the problem. Apparently it is only related to winSCP. I tell that because it was precisely what I wanted to know : Have I a risk to encounter the same problem with a server Linux. Apparently not. :)

  • probably it is related to the path canonicalization.
    default is auto in winscp but you can try to disable it.




  • Hi,


    Mmmmm in front, we have a server WinSCP, but on the F5 we use the command SCP to (try) to copy our file to the server. Like this : "scp /root/test user@destination:/F5/mydirectory/"  (just an example). We do not (yet) use the command SFTP. But... To use that command instead SCP could be too a lead to help to fix our problem. Thanks. I keep it in mind. To be honest, the idea is to copy our files UCS by using a script, following that process : So, by using SCP. BUT... We could, in theory, use too that procedure, to use SFTP instead : Well I we use a SFTP server Linux in front of us, I suppose we will not need to consider that other solution, SFTP instead SCP.