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May 20, 2012

scan comman line meaning

Hi All,



I'm new with irule. Does any one knows what this line means?




if {[scan [IP::remote_addr] {%*d.%*d.%*d.%d%%%*d} s4] != 1} { reject }






Appreciate much for your answers.




Thank you!


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    I don't have a ton of experience with the TCL scan command but, here is my 2 cents:



    It seems like this command parses the last octet from an IP address. If this command is executed in a client side event, then the remote addr is the client IP address. If it executes in a server side event, then the remote addr is the server IP address.



    Either way, the scan command seems to be pulling the last octect and checking if it is a decimal number. that decimal is then put into the variable S4.



    There must be more to this though because, what else would the [IP::remote_addr] return besides a series of numbers.



  • I think the intent of the scan command is to check if the remote IP address has a route domain in the format of where each 1 could be any digit(s).