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Jun 19, 2014

SAML Idp-Initiated Connections

I am new to the whole SAML thing and have been playing around with it. I have setup my saleforce dev account to work with our BigIp device and it works perfectly. Since I am still super new to this beg my forgiveness if I mix up any terms, and feel free to let me know.


I setup a BigIP as Idp for SalesForce and configured all the settings in the Local Idp Service tab. I then created an External SP connector and connected the Service to that connector. I believe that this is SP-Initiated SAML correct? This allows me to use our AAA (AD) to login to SalesForce.


Now I am playing with another vendor that only supports Idp-Initiated Connections.


My question is how do I go about creating a Idp Initiated Connection to SP?




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