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Jan 06, 2020

Rule to log SMTP traffic in npath deployment

HI ,


We deployed F5 in npath mode for SMTP mailing solution, and now we have requirement to capture SMTP traffic logs and save in sys log server with below list of paramater


date , time ,source ip , destination ip, ports , message id , email from & to , queue id . 


F5 VIP type is performance L4



Saurabh Agate


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  • For some ideas, take a look at


    Logging SMTP traffic info via HSL to remote log server.


    However, because you need to collect the TCP payload to get SMTP items like message id , email from/to and queue id, this is expensive on memory in tmm. You will also need to parse out the items that have been requested using regex.


    Also, because this is npath traffic, The BigIP will only see the client side of the conversation.


    This sort of specific logging would be better delivered from the actual Mail Servers, as they understand the SMTP traffic without it having to be parsed.