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Apr 03, 2019

Route F5 LTM traffic to External Internet URL Through A Forward Proxy

Currently we have a requirement configure our F5 LTM to route user's HTTP request with specific URI to an external internet URL.


However, as per company network security setup, any outbound connection to the internet need to go through our internal forward proxy.


Is there a way to configure our F5 LTM route requests to an external internet URL through a forward proxy?


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  • Hi Azri,


    Using forward proxy you can't use an HTTP profile which will allow you to distinguish the URL, and therefore define where you want to redirect the user.


    So in your case we are going to assume that you already have a forward proxy VS. so you can add an extra VS which will be more explicit with as destination IP, the destination IP that must match the URL.


    This VS will be create like this:


    • standard VS
    • HTTP profile
    • SSL interception if you are in SSL
    • IP: Destination IP where you have to condition URI.
    • SNAT Automap (If you are not in inline archi).
    • Pool : ISP or GW

    Keep me in touch if you need more details.




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      Hello youssef,

      I have the same problem to get the streams out to the internet through a proxy,

      Could you please tell me more about the conf to set up,