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May 25, 2011

Route advertisement when a session is established?




I'm looking for a way to start annoucing a static route (/32) for a virtual server when it has at least one established session, and to withdraw the route when there is no more session.



Any idea?



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  • I don't believe there are any iRule commands to add/delete static routes.. but you could probably accomplish this with a shell script.. though I don't believe you can call a shell script directly from an iRule.. I do remember a post where Hoolio had an idea to log a message then use a custom user_alert.conf to call the script...



    Dug up the post here, check it out.





    sol5465: Managing static routes


  • You could also have a local socket listening to syslog for certain messages and make an iControl change:


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  • Jey Jason, any chance of ever being able to call shell script or external file from an iRule? Is it just the security issues? If it is just the security concerns, could there somehow be built in security controls for everytime you used the command in a rule?
  • I think it's more of a performance issue than one of security. Everything TMM needs is loaded into memory to avoid the performance hit of using the disks. Though Spark and others mentioned some possible new functionality around filesystem access in the MVP forum. Check that thread for some additional info.



    Maybe an asynchronous call to a script would be useful. I'm not sure that's part of what Spark mentioned. You could always open a case with F5 Support to request new features. If you do, can you reply with the RFE ID for others to pile onto?