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Dec 02, 2010

Roll Back 10.0 to 9.4.8

I need some advice on rolling back version because we are currently running 9.4.8. and our new f5 is 10.0.0. Also is the default webserver not available as default on 10.0? I am not able to reach it. I can however ssh just fine.

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  • Hi Efffive,



    Did you get an RMA unit on a newer version than what you're running on the existing peer? Or are you upgrading platforms?



    In general, if you want to install an older LTM version, it's probably easiest (for 9.x) to reinstall via USB key. You can read the release notes for your 9.x version for details on how to do this.



    The admin GUI should be available as in v9. Are you connecting over the management port or switch port? If the latter, make sure that port lockdown is configured for default or explicitly enabling 443. The management port should allow all ports by default. You could run a tcpdump to check if the traffic is making it to LTM (eth0 for mgmt or 0.0 for all switch ports).



  • Hoolio,



    I understand that RMA is Return Materails Authorization in F5 language. We currently have two 6900's running 9.4.8 in production. Two more 6900's were delivered for our remote site. We want to match the config, so I have to roll back the version of F5 that we are currently running from version 10.0 to 9.4.8.



    I am not sure how to create a bootable thumb drive but I'll see what I can do.



    I am connecting over the mangement port. Do I need a crossover cable? I am able to ping the management port and get a response from the default IP. My colleague says that there is no webserver listening on the management port.



  • If you're connecting over the same cable to the management port for SSH, then HTTPS should be okay too.



    You can check if the admin GUI daemon is running using:



    bigstart status httpd



    You can restart it using:



    bigstart restart httpd



    Here are a couple of links for installing 9.x from a USB key:



    SOL9447: Choosing an installation method for BIG-IP version 9.x




    Release Note: Installing BIG-IP software version 9.4.3 from a USB Mass Storage Device




  • Do I need to unistall ver 10 first? I don't see an uninstallation file on the site for my 10.2.0-1707



    The closest one is 10.2.0-1755.1
  • Just out of curiosity is there a reason you need to run 9.4.8? If you run 9.4.8 this does take away some stuff out of the 6900's such as the drive mirroring for redundancy and multiple core processing. It will also make the upgrade from 9.x to 10.x much more painful as you will have to re-image the device completely and build a new mirror set.
  • I was doing this because I was doing this to match production 'exactly'. This is what I was told by management but they have since been convinced to keep 10.2. Thank God!