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Feb 17, 2020

Rewrite URL in header and add URI


I have this to achieve, and I'm getting a bit lost:

So the client hits a VIP on port 443, SSL is offloaded with a CA certificate (, and traffic is re encrypted and sent to pool member on port 8044, which has a certificate for So I need an iRule to:

1) Change URL in header from to

2) Add /some_uri at the end of URL

Is that even possible? I mean the iRules should affect the incoming traffic after it's being decrypted, right? If so, how to design those iRules (it's not a redirect, isn't it?)


I was thinking of something like this, but I'm not sure this will do the trick:


HTTP::header replace Host

HTTP::uri /some_uri



Also, the client comes with it's own certificate, which than has to be passed to the pool member to authenticate (not on the F5, the authentication has to be made on the real server). Is it enough to check the Proxy SSL checkbox in the profile?