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Aug 10, 2011

Rewrite URL in header ??

I need to setup 5 internal URL's that our DNS forwards to (the load balancer VIP):
















I need the load balancer to check the header and forward them to the correct virtual directory on one of the load balanced webservers.



Outcome is as follows:



spoc.nn.local -> x.x.x.x/SPOC


outage.nn.local -> x.x.x.x/outage


party.nn.local -> x.x.x.x/telflowpartymanagerUI


enterprise.nn.local -> x.x.x.x/enterprise


ordermanager.nn.local -> x.x.x.x/telflow


invoices.nn.local -> x.x.x.x/invoices



E.G. so invoices.nn.local gets resolved to, which is a VIP on the F5. I need the F5 to look at the header and rewrite I guess to when it goes through to the pool members it has the /invoices written into it.





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  • IPX,



    This is a basic web server function. It is how they determine what pages to display. They look at the host header of the incoming request (ordermanager.nn.local) and bring up the appropriate web pages. Suggest that you investigate if you can use this before recreating the same functionality inside an F5.



  • I should add that you still need to point your domains to the VIP address but the page display is normally determined by the web server reading the incoming host header. If you still want to do it then HTTP classes will do this for you. You must ensure you have a catch-all (matches everything) class at the end to send all other traffic back to the default pool.