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Oct 28, 2021

Rewrite profile - is it per session?

If I have a virtual server and I want to be able to direct traffic to 2 different pools based on the uri. I also want to re-write the uri for traffic heading to one of the pools.


Traffic heading to "/services/*" to go to pool A

Traffic heading to "/newservices/*" to go to pool B, AND be rewritten to "/services/*"


I can use an iRule to redirect the traffic.


If I use a rewrite rule with the following settings:-

URI Translation

URI Rules: Type = Both, Client=/newservices/*, Server=/services/*


I assume that traffic heading to /newservices/* will be rewritten, but will return traffic from both pools be re-written from /services/* to /newservices/* as they would both be a match or is there the concept of state for each session?







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