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Jun 13, 2012

Reverse proxy function on ASM




I have in a client environnement production an F5 ASM without LTM licence. Security part (http_class ...) is not configured.



The only application that passes through the ASM is OWA with HTTPS protocol and public certicate.


Those certificates are hosted on the exchange servers (not on the asm).



I'm going to configure security part as soon as I will have revoked this certificate and ask new one that will be hosted on the ASM.



But first I would like to understand how ASM reverse proxy function can works knowing that https certificate is hosted on the exchange servers ?



Thank you.




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  • I precise that transparent bridge mode is not configured.


    So How can the ASM cut the client-side session and create a server-side session without the certificate ?
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    Where SSL is terminated does not have any effect on the ASM reverse proxy function.




    Let me walk you through a typical ASM reverse proxy scenario:




    You have decided to employ URI filtering to ensure that only HTTP requests with a certain URI (for example /good-requests), are passed to the server.




    You configure an HTTPclass that matches on the URI /good-requests




    Select the Pool containing the destination server in the "Send to" field of the HTTPclass




    Finally, associate the HTTPclass created in the previous steps in the "Resources" section of the appropriate VIP.