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Feb 06, 2014

Retain source IP in UDP packet

Hi - I'm passing SNMP traps through an F5 VIP to our event collector. However being UDP the header info isnt retained and the node IP is showing as the SNAT address. Is there any way to retain the orgional IP? I'm thinking something like x-forwarded-for for TCP. Thanks!


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  • Change control allowed me to try this today - turning of SNAT pool worked - thank you!


  • Thanks for replying - Its our company standard to have a SNAT pool, but i wonder if this was only defined with a TCP connection in mind. A colleague at work had suggested we try this. I'm hoping to gather a few options to try in one change window rather than have more "paper" work.


  • The simplest way is to turn off "Source Address Translation":


    from GUI:


    Local Traffic/Virual Servers/ virtual_server_name


    configuration "Advanced" set "None" to Source Address Translation


  • if you do not want snat, why don't you disable it (e.g. allow-snat no under pool setting)?