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Sep 13, 2019

Restricting vCMP Guests to a single B2150 blade on VIPRION C2400

Hey Guys!

Need some help here.

I have 3 vCMP guests spanning across two B2150 blades on slots 1 and 2. Slot 1 is ACTIVE and 2 is STANDBY, for redundancy/resilience.

It's been recently determined we need to repossess all the resources on the second blade for two new vCMP guests, meaning my 3 old vCMPs have to be restricted to just slot 1 to free slot 2 for the new incoming guests. Essentially our needs for extra CPU cores outweighs resilience/redundancy.


So, I need to remove all the mirrored vCMPs on the second blade, wipe it so I can create the new vCMP guests on it.

Could someone please help me on how to wipe the second blade clean for a fresh deployment of the incoming vCMP guets?


Thank guys!!

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  • Hi,


    So If I resume you have:

    - 2 blades

    - 3 Guests (deployed on Slot1 and slote2)


    You need:

    - 2 blades

    - 3 Guests (on Slot1)

    - News guest on slot 2


    this action is not very complicated.

    You need first to backup your Hypervisor and all your guest.

    Then edit all Old guest one by one. Begin in the standby hypervisor on the standby guest if possible.

    So you juste have to select Slot1 in the Guest configuration (Number of slot) amd remove slot2.


    Once you do it in the Standby guest you can failover and do it on the other peer...


    Finaly you can remove the old virtual disk that was create by the old guest on blade 2 (slot 2). but before doing that I advise you to wait a week to be sure that everything is ok.


    hope it's clear.



  • with pleasure!


    One last thing, you have to passed your guest in Configuration mode before any changing!!!


    keep me in touch about your migration and don't hesitate if I can help you...

  • So you mean "Disable", work on on them then Provision and Deploy after right?