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Nov 26, 2020

restoring the CLI prompt

I was experimenting on a CLI command (shown below) for saving the config of an F5 load balancer.

It had the unexpected effect of somehow changing the CLI prompt:



[root@SI-RTER-BAS02-DCLB-P002:Standby:In Sync] config #

[root@SI-RTER-BAS02-DCLB-P002:Standby:In Sync] config #

[root@SI-RTER-BAS02-DCLB-P002:Standby:In Sync] config # tmsh save /sys ucs /var/local/ucs/$(date +%Y%m%d).$HOSTNAME

Saving active configuration...

/var/local/ucs/ is saved.

[root@%Y%m%d:Standby:In Sync] config #

[root@%Y%m%d:Standby:In Sync] config #

[root@%Y%m%d:Standby:In Sync] config #



Is there any way to restore the original CLI prompt?

Any suggestions will be most welcome.

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  • Hi Michael,


    Bash shell is controlled by $PS1 variable, so first checks the content of this variable and change the value .




    • thanks for your feedback, Lidev :)

      I haven't inspected yet the $PS1 variable in our F5 load balancer, but anyway...


      Its original CLI prompt somehow got restored, after I recently upgraded its OS version.


      I'll keep in mind your tip about the $PS1 variable, in case I encounter again this CLI prompt problem. :)